WDI’s and Termite Inspections in Texarkana, Texas

What Is the Condition of Your Wood?

Schedule a termite inspection to find out

Schedule a termite inspection to find out

It’s important to check your home on a routine basis for termite damage. Cummings Property Inspections will check for termites and other wood destroying insect (WDI) damage during his standard home inspections.

Common WDIs you may find in Texas are:

  • Drywood termites
  • Formosan termites
  • Wood-boring beetles
  • Lyctid powderpost beetles

If our home inspector finds obvious signs of WDI damage, he’ll recommend a top-notch pest control company so you can seek treatment as soon as possible. This service is only offered in Texas. Call 903-244-3987 to learn more.

Learn about the importance of WDI and termite inspections

Depend on Cummings Property Inspections to nip your termite trouble in the bud. Our home inspector will analyze your property top to bottom to make sure there aren’t any signs of wood damage. It’s important to check all the wood within your property to be sure the structural integrity of your home isn’t in jeopardy.

Call Cummings Property Inspections today to schedule a termite inspection in Texas.